Brilliance, fire, and beauty are all present in each gorgeous diamond engagement ring. Whether you choose a classic round solitaire, a dramatic emerald cut, or a flirty princess cut, engagement rings are physical representations of your commitment. Every shape has its own nuances; understanding these will allow you to present her with the ring that perfectly captures your love.Engagement Ring Shape

Classic Round Cut

This is the traditional cut for diamond engagement rings. Round diamonds are cut to have a total of 58 facets, giving light the ability to bounce back through the top of the stone.As a result of this light play, the sparkle of a round cut diamond is extraordinary. Round cut diamonds account for about three-quarters of engagement rings, and look beautiful in clean, modern settings, as well as in more elaborate or traditional designs. It’s perfect for a wide variety of ring types, making it exceptionally versatile. The round cut is fitting for quiet, demure ladies, feisty firecrackers, and every lady in between.

Flirty Princess Cut

Princess cut diamonds have a wonderful square shape, and as many as 144 facets. This cut sparkles and glitters enormously, and is much favored by women who love feeling beautiful. It’s a ladylike stone for your perfect love. As an added bonus, the cut tends to add brilliance to any diamond and is easier to produce than some other cuts.

Glamorous Emerald Cut

This is the perfect cut for your glamorous lady love. Its long side facets and large, flat table (top of the stone), serves to showcase the clarity of the diamond. This cut doesn’t lend itself to a large play of light, making it somewhat less sparkly than other cuts. However, it’s the perfect cut for a woman whose steady confidence and quiet elegance has captured your heart.

Choosing the Perfect Cut

Your lady love will tell you what you need to know about her perfect ring if you pay close attention. Look at her other jewelry; especially things she’s chosen for herself, to discern her taste. Some women like jewelry that flashes and sparkles; the bigger, the better! Others like understated pieces that only add to her natural beauty, without being distracting or overly noticeable. Once you have a sense of her style, you can begin searching for the perfect way to ask her to share your lives together.

An engagement ring is about more than just what she likes, although that’s a very important consideration. Diamond engagement rings are also meant to give her a piece of your heart to carry with her always. As such, it should capture what you love most about her. Is it her quiet sweetness? A simpler ring might better capture that quality, than something with a lot of flair. Do you love her ability to make you laugh? Choose a ring that’s whimsical and bright to show her how much you appreciate her innate sense of humor.

Taking the Plunge

You’ve made the decision to ask her to marry you. Now, it’s time to find the perfect ring. By understanding her style, you can make a better choice; something that will make her heart stop and her breath catch. The most important thing to remember about choosing the right engagement ring is that it should capture your loving devotion. Simply put, it should be as beautiful as she is, and as lasting as your love for her. You’ll have a much easier time choosing exactly the right one if you pay attention to what catches her eye, and know the qualities that you love most about her.

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