which engagement ring do I choose

When you have decided to transcend dating and are ready to ask your partner to be the one for life, your journey has just begun and step one is the engagement ring.
Choosing the right engagement ring for that special woman does not have to be an exercise in frustration. There are many ways to build your knowledge of your lady’s tastes and score a home run when she sees The Ring

Here are 5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

1. Ring: The first thing you must do is decide what type of ring might your lady like? Of course, diamonds are a girl’s best friend but what about band style, cut, and ring size? If your partner has small, delicate hands, perhaps a less imposing ring would do. However if your partner takes to wearing all manner of jewelry and that is her style, perhaps something a  little bit bigger that would stand out from her collection makes the most sense. One sure fire way is to just take her window-shopping and see which rings peak her interest. Impeccable mental notes will serve you well in this exercise.

2. Size: Another big concern, which far too many men don’t know about their lady, is what is her ring size? You can nix this factor out on one of your faux shopping trips but be deliberate about this. The difference between a 5.5 and a 7.5 is only 1.7 mm but that can be all the difference between a ring that fits comfortably and a ring that slides off of her finger and winds up in a gutter. Most jewelers are good about resizing but at the end of the day if your partner says “yes” you want her to be able to immediately enjoy her ring!

3. Desires: While classic set white diamonds is the traditional engagement ring that might not be what your partner wants. They may want rubies, emeralds, sapphires, black diamonds, yellow diamonds or some combination thereof. It can’t hurt to put your feelers out and find out what her mom says, what her friends say, what her siblings say or just ask casually yourself. One simple thing to do is pull stuff up online and say, “hey, what do you think of this ring?” Her visceral reaction will be enough to inform you and if you delve into deeper details, you will begin to get a clearer picture.

4. Budget: This may be the most dubious point of contention, especially for guys who have traditionally kept their gifts in a reasonable range. The engagement ring is a costly affair and there are no two ways around it. You should try to squirrel away a little bit of money every week for a few months before you do decide to begin shopping. However there are also lots of rings at many different price points. If you keep your search to within a specified range (e.g. what you can afford to pay without going hungry or homeless) you should be okay.

5. Jeweler: Finally you need to decide on a jeweler that you can trust. Anyone can make promises but you need to go with the jeweler that is going to give you a good price, a great ring, and not make promises they don’t stand behind.

To find the best engagement ring for your partner,  you need to go with a name you can trust. NG Jewelry has a vast selection, unbeatable pricing, and a reputation that you can depend on in this generation and the next.

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