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Every individual wants an ideal setting for his or her own marriage proposal. This task can be very overwhelming at times because of the importance of buying the perfect engagement ring.

If you’ve decided on proposing to a loved one, then you must choose the perfect engagement ring to highlight the moment. It should become the main symbol of a couple’s love for one another.

Here are 5 More Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring:

6. Establish a Budget

Before heading to a jewelry store, you need to establish the framework of a solid budget plan and stick to it throughout the entire process. This will help to see all of the options are available to you within your price range. Remember, an engagement ring is the first sign of the love you have for one another, but there is nothing romantic about beginning your new life together in financial debt. Regardless of your budget, this purchase will be expensive. The sales price shouldn’t be the final determination when purchasing an engagement ring.

7. A Custom Engagement Ring Isn’t Complicated

A diamond and a setting don’t have to come together as a package deal. Yes, it’s easier to buy an engagement ring that is showcased inside the display case. Experienced jewelers have the capacity to create a custom-made engagement ring, but choosing this option doesn’t have to become an expensive proposition for you and your bank account. A one-carat diamond can look much larger if the stone isn’t placed too deep into the setting.

8. Be Unique in Your Choice

The perfect engagement ring should become the most unique piece of jewelry in a beholder’s collection. Some like to wear a particular stone, such as their birthstone, and it might be more sentimental to have that stone placed in an engagement ring setting. More couples are going with different colored diamonds, as white diamonds isn’t the only choice available on the market today. Yellow and rose gold is making a huge comeback with young couples looking to buy an unique engagement ring.

9. Shape Matters Most

Before deciding on the four Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat), you must choose the right ring shape that your fiancée will love the best. This includes the actual geometry of the stone rather than the cut. The ring shape must fit their personality because diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Individuals who prefer more edgy fashion styles often wear a square cut, while helpless romantics love a more cushion-cut design.

10. Consider The Metal

There are a variety of metals to choose from, as each has their own advantages and disadvantages. One of the more popular choices is platinum. Why? Well, this metal is very durable and hypoallergenic for individuals that have sensitive skin. However, platinum will dull quicker than most metals, as it will be difficult to bring that original luster back to form. Another popular metal is palladium, which is recycle metals that sometimes include platinum and gold. Some believe this will suffice the something “old” and something “new” ritual for a pending wedding.


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