The day you got engaged is etched in your mind. From dearest love asking the big question to the sparkling engagement ring being slipped onto your finger, every moment is one you’ll treasure forever. Now that the excitement has died down a bit, you’ve probably started wondering how best to keep your engagement ring asEngagement Ring beautiful as the day you said, “YES!” By following a few simple tips, you can keep your ring as bright and shiny as the day you got it.

Provide Protection

It’s perfectly reasonable to want to keep your engagement ring on every minute.However, that probably isn’t the best way to keep it looking beautiful. There are times when you shouldn’t wear any rings at all, especially if they have a setting. Keep your ring in a safe place when:

  • Cleaning – Household chemicals can damage both the metal and stone in your ring.
  • Gardening – While a wonderful activity, gardening can be very rough on rings. Small particles of dirt and rock can adhere to the stone and get caught in the setting or any decorative areas on the band.
  • Cooking – Especially if you cook a lot of “hands-on” dishes, you need to take your ring off before you get started. Food particles can be sticky and hard to remove; some foods can even leave a dulling film on your engagement ring.
  • Physical activities – If you have hobbies like hiking, rock climbing, or pretty much anything outdoors, you need to be mindful of your ring. Leaving it in your jewelry box can help you avoid accidentally scratching it on rocks or losing it in the middle of nowhere.

Your ring isn’t so delicate that it can’t handle day-to-day wear, but every ring should be protected from things that are likely to get it dirty or cause it to be scratched. By removing your engagement ring and other rings for vigorous or messy activities, you can get into a good habit that will provide protection for your rings for years to come.

Store it Properly

Some pieces of jewelry just don’t play well with others. To protect your engagement ring when you’re not wearing it, make sure you’re storing it properly. That means keeping it separate from other pieces of jewelry that could cause scratches. Your ring should be protected in its own ring box or velvet bag to ensure that it’s not abraded by other things in your jewelry box.

Save the Sparkle

Your ring will naturally accrue some dust and dirt during daily wear. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re cleaning it on a regular basis. A small dot of toothpaste (don’t use gel; only paste is appropriate here) on a soft toothbrush, along with some warm water, can help keep your ring sparkling and beautiful. Gently scrub your ring with the toothpaste, paying careful attention to small nooks and crannies. Rinse your engagement ring in warm running water to remove any toothpaste residue, and dry with a soft cloth or hair dryer. Avoid losing your ring down the drain by placing a washcloth in the basin, covering the drain completely, before you get started.

Lasting a Lifetime

Your engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of your love and the beginning of your life together. Make sure it stays beautiful by caring for it properly. Never use harsh abrasives on your ring, and always protect it during messy or vigorous activities. By taking steps to keep your ring beautiful, you’ll love its shine and sparkle as much years from now, as you did the day you became engaged.

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