Meeting the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life is an experience like no other. The quickening of your heart when they’re near, the goofy smile that you just can’t seem to shake, and the feeling like you’re walking on air are all symptoms that you’ve fallen in love. Now, the next logical step is to choose the perfect ring with which to propose; that’s where things can get tricky.There are lots of options when it comes to the perfect engagement ring or wedding set; not the least of which is the type of stone, be it diamond, white sapphire, or a lab-created gem. Here’s what you need to know about white sapphire engagement rings, and how they’re different (and similar) to diamond engagement rings.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring

Discerning the Difference between White Sapphires and Diamonds

The differences between these two stones are so negligible to the naked eye that there’s basically no way to tell one from another unless you’re trained to do so. Even trained professionals can have a hard time telling the two apart without the aid of a jeweler’s loupe (a small, powerful magnifying glass used by jewelers to examine jewelry). This means that most casual observers will never know a white sapphire isn’t a diamond unless you tell them.

Cost of White Sapphire Engagement Rings vs. Diamonds

The next area of importance when choosing a stone for an engagement ring is its price. The truth is, white sapphire engagement rings cost much less than their diamond counterparts, meaning that you can give your love a truly magnificent stone without breaking the bank.

More Bling, Less Occlusions

The dazzling fire of a large stone is tough to beat, and it’s as present in a well-cut white sapphire as in a diamond. Larger white sapphires also are not as prone to occlusions (flaws) in the stone as are larger diamonds, which typically become more flawed as they go up the scale of carat weight. Should you find a larger diamond without a host of flaws, it would certainly set you back much more than a white sapphire of equal size, clarity, and brilliance.

White Sapphires are a Better Choice

Not only are white sapphires just as beautiful and less costly than traditional diamonds, they’re also durable and wear well in many different types of settings. They’re just as versatile as diamonds, without any of the drawbacks, and all of the advantages. When it’s time to choose the perfect ring for your perfect love, white sapphire engagement rings should be at the top of your list. It’s about more than cost; it’s about presenting your love with a ring that represents your timeless devotion.

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