White Sapphire Promise RingsElegant white sapphire promise rings are quickly gaining ground as an alternative to traditional diamond promise rings. Sapphire has many laudable qualities, from its excellent durability to its easy care; many white sapphire promise rings are easily as gorgeous as their diamond counterparts,at a much more moderate price. When surrounded by beautiful swirls of warm yellow gold or silkily cool white gold, a white sapphire has a unique beauty, unmatched by other types of stone.

The Exceptional Qualities of White Sapphires

White sapphires are very durable, and second only to diamonds in their hardness. Sapphires are a type of stone called corundum, with trace elements being responsible for the astounding array of hues found in the sapphire family. White sapphires are pure corundum, untainted by trace elements. When properly cut and polished, white sapphires sparkle beautifully and can display as much fire as their diamond rivals. Sapphires are currently mined in several parts of the world, including romantic locales such as Madagascar, Australia, Tanzania, and India.

The Original Stone of Romance

White sapphire promise rings are the true embodiment of romance, as these pure stones have been highly prized by couples for centuries. Their meaning is that of truth and purity, and they are thought to bestow knowledge and the blessings of the universe. In fact, royals and priests used to symbolize their own knowledge and wisdom by including sapphires in their formal jewelry. White sapphire promise rings symbolize a relationship that is truly based on the sincerest of feelings and the most faithful of loves.

Caring for White Sapphire Promise Rings

Sapphires are gorgeously durable, and far less likely to chip than diamonds. For all but heavily treated sapphires, the care is easy, requiring no more than an occasional cleaning. Storage is simple, as well, with the only recommendation being that the ring be kept in a box or soft pouch away from other jewelry. This is particularly important if the other jewelry contains diamonds, as diamond is harder than sapphire and may cause scratches on the slightly softer stone. As with most rings containing stones, white sapphire promise rings should be removed before going into a chlorinated pool or doing activities where the ring would be exposed to excessive shocks or dirt.

A Beautiful Trend

White sapphire rings are stunningly beautiful, so it’s not terribly difficult to understand why they’re gaining popularity. Sapphires have long been prized for their array of shifting hues, and even in white sapphires, there can be a hint of color in the flash of the stone. From palest blue to soft yellow, petal pink to gorgeous green, a white sapphire promise ring may also hold the promise of a peek into its heart with a wink of secondary color. Not visible in any way except in the flash of light through the stone, white sapphires have the potential for unseen, secret beauty.

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